The special products we offered are absolutely different from the similar products in the market. It could bring users a lot of profits by just spend average cost.

Products are with safety certification and regulation approved.

For VDS products feature

Improve CCTV video signal to make the picture quality better, the length of coaxial cable is never influence the picture quality.

Lower the installation cost, saving time and simplifying the structure of CCTV system.

Enhance the reliability and safety of CCTV system. The VDS is with the Fault Warning
function on the Link Coaxial Cable to secure the whole CCTV system.

Products are equipped with lightning induced current protectors, which are the arresters “GDT” (Gas Discharge Tube) and surge protector “TVS” (Transient Voltage Suppressor) against the lightning induced transient current. The GDT can pass the current and whose capacity can reach to 50K Ampere.

Products are equipped with Electric Static Discharge (ESD) device inside makes the system fast responding to protect the VDS where are located in the both end of the Link coaxial cable. The ESD can dissipate peak power at 600W.

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