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We, Biwave Technologies, Inc. provide a most innovative solution to various signals transmission only through single coaxial cable for a long distance.  Currently, our main products “Single Coaxial Cable Transmission Devices” (called VDS) have been used extensively in the CCTV industry. Please click about VDS for more information.

NEW PRODUCTS VDS23000 - Surveillance Video Collactor
VDL-4000 - 10M/100M Ethernet Transmission for IP Network Camera Connection
VDL-4020 - PoE solution extend VDL4020 capabilities

VDL-6100 - Supports all AHD types cameras

In providing more products with customers to meet various demands, we are now developing the Wireless Transmission Set and FM Adaptor for car radio, estimating to promote in early 2005. Please click about Wireless transmission Set and FM Adaptor for more detailed information.
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